Karma Fair-trade & Organic Drinks 300ml


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In 2010, Karma Drinks decided to change the face of soft drinks as we know it. There’s so much to say about this brilliant company and all the work they do to support growers through paying a fair price for their (organic) ingredients and ensuring community independence is a priority.

Really recommend checking out their website where you can see how their support makes a difference to people’s lives in a way huge drinks companies have never bothered with! 

Part of the proceeds from the sale of every bottle go back to the growers to invest in community projects. Funds have already helped to build a bridge to connect two parts of a village that couldn’t be crossed easily, to send 45 children to school, train 5 teachers, educate about HIV, and to help stabilise crops with safe food storage for the rainy season. Awesome!

As a zero waste shop, packaged products are (rightly) avoided as much as possible, but these 300ml drinks come in super cool screw top reusable glass bottles which make a great drinks bottle, vase or use for wash up/laundry liquid etcs. Sometimes it’s about having a more sustainable option even if it can’t be completely zero waste.

Karma Cola ingredients:  Carbonated Water, Fairtrade Organic Sugar, Cola Extract (incl. cola nut from Sierra Leone, organic malt extract and Fairtrade Organic Vanilla Extract), Organic Lemon juice from concentrate.

Gingerella ingredients: Carbonated Water, Fairtrade organic sugar, organic lemon juice from concentrate (1.2%), Fairtrade organic ginger, Natural Flavours, Fairtrade organic vanilla, clove extract, capsicum extract.

Lemmy Lemonade ingredients: Carbonated Water, Fairtrade organic sugar, 31% Organic Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Citrus Extracts, Natural Grapefruit Flavour and Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid).

Summer Orangeade ingredients: Carbonated water, organic sugar, organic orange concentrate, organic lemon concentrate, natural orange flavour, ascorbic acid (vitamin C)




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